2022 Greeting Card

Last year, TotalEnergies Aviation designed an original greeting card made by an illustrator.

But this year, it’s up to you !

You will all together, compose a collaborative image with an artist, remotely.

Thanks to this platform, please create your own plain drawing in accordance with the theme and take part in the composition of the TotalEnergies Aviation 2022 Greeting Card.
Please imagine a personal drawing to explain :
Which symbol or tool, best represents either your profession, know-how, or project ?

We’re counting on your participation !

A Collaborative Greeting Card Event from Oct. 15th to Nov. 15th

TotalEnergies Aviation x aNa artist.

aNa is a French Artist. She proposes a Digital easy protocole to create Remotely, all together, a Digital Mural or Design. She invites you to create a plain and large symbol you share with her. Please follow aNa’s guidelines and drop your creation before 2021 November the 15th.
So she will be able to create a unique collaborative artwork.

This artwork will become TotalEnergies Aviation’s 2022 Greeting Card.
Once completed, the greeting card will be sent to our customers and shared within the Company.

Online Fun Creative Protocol

Create when you want


With aNa artist

aNa Artist

aNa is a French Artist using her sens as she incorporates her surrounding, elements and time into her artworks.

Her both research and skill lead to the creation of living protocols that propose a very special experience to integrate the spectator into the Art Piece.

Since 1999 she was only working Live. And she now create Remotely… Building World Wide Digital Mural and relationship.

How does it work ?

Please follow aNa’s Guidelines, start creating online and share with her.

You first have to use an online « Paint » Tool to imagine you personal drawing.

no black color

Black Color is exclusively available for aNa artist.

large drawing

Execute a large drawing using all paint area

No words

Please do not use words on ana artist digital mural

plain drawing

Feel free to imagine a really Plain Drawing

Please answer ! Which symbol or tool best represents either your profession, know-how, or project ?

First please join aNa’s Online Old School « PAINT » Tool by clicking on this button.

As soon as you’re done with your drawing,


(or tablet, or phone)

To Save your Drawing, please use Left Top « Paint » menu : File>>save 

Drop here your drawing

You can also give a « Title » to your creation and explain your idea in a short « Description ».

So you can share with everybody and discover « the Global Gallery ».